tilde was inspired by other transgender film festivals internationally. We are made up of a group of rabble rousers from range of different genders. Our backgrounds span across art, film, community & health sectors, education, media, activism & academia. tilde members have long histories of being involved in a range of trans and queer art & performance events, advocacy along with obsessing about film.

Stories from and about trans and gender diverse people have historically been marginalised, silenced or distorted. We want to take an active part in countering this, and believe film is a pretty spectacular vehicle for doing so! We aim to showcase films that celebrate the stories and perspectives of the trans and gender diverse communities, to provide opportunities to trans and gender diverse filmmakers, to challenge gender normativity, and to celebrate diverse representations of gender.

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tilde is curated and produced entirely by volunteers, with collaborative involvement across all areas.

tilde recognises that intersex communities are often conflated with trans and gender diverse experiences, and that while individuals and issues at times overlap and connect, these communities are different, and have some different needs. In consultation with intersex groups and activists, it was decided not to include intersex specific material in the festival programming to avoid conflation. tilde remains open to accept submissions from all people who identify as trans or gender diverse, and warmly welcomes people of all gender and sex identities at our festival. tilde is also open to supporting intersex communities with intersex specific film events welcomes contact regarding this.

For more information about intersex communities,
please see the following

Organisation Intersex International – www.oii.org.au
Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Support Group – www.aissga.org.au

Symbolism at tilde

til·de (nounˈtil-də): a symbol (∼) indicating equivalency or similarity between two values or approximations. We like the idea that a tilde has a thereabouts, an approximation, an in-between-ness to it that steers away from absolutes or being rigidly bound. This captures some of our thoughts about the messy, undefinable nature of gender.

Foxy business:
Foxes have multiple meanings and implications across eastern to western folklore and mythology. Kitsune are akin to the fox in Japanese folklore and were known to be adept at shape shifting. Capable of moving effortlessly across physical planes, the little fox could morph through the parameters of the physical body with each turn taking the wisdom and stories of each identity with them on the next part of the journey.

In Celtic law and other spiritual traditions foxes are spirit guides, wise creatures. A teacher providing guidance, swiftly finding your way around obstacles. Foxes are also known for using or developing quick thinking and adaptability. They are responsive, sometimes cunning, and this animal is known for being a great guide when people are facing tricky situations.

So the tilde fox comes to you carrying many histories and stories and meanings…